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Summer Garden Weddings

Blushing June brides often want few things more than a beautiful fairy tale summer garden wedding surrounded by friends, family, and many beautiful flowers. There are many ways to plan and create the beautiful summer garden wedding that most brides dream about if you are willing to risk the whimsy of the weather in order to have your dream come true. Of course, really what gods dare call forth rain on the wedding day of a beautiful June bride?

Not only do you need to take into account the size and scope of the summer garden in question when planning your wedding but also the easy access to an interior spot suitable for the wedding should something go wrong and Mother Nature allow a stray drop or two to rain on your parade. Rain is a factor that many brides to be plan for by procuring tents for that fateful day to protect those who will be attending as well as the ceremony itself.

You should also consider the clothing for a summer garden wedding. While the idea of formal attire for such a wedding might seem beautiful and appealing you should carefully consider the reality of potentially high temperatures compounded with high humidity and the effects that will have on hair, make up, and the trappings that go along with formal attire and tuxedos. It may be a little too hot for comfort when confronted with a bright and sunny summer afternoon. Choose the clothing carefully and prepare to have fans on hand in case members of the bride or groom's party become overheated.

One reason that many brides elect to have a summer garden wedding is so that they may go less formal rather than more formal. This means that concessions may be made everywhere when it comes to formality and the summer atmosphere and the entire wedding can be a far more relaxed and fun occasion rather than the sober ceremony that many make it out to be.

Another great thing about a summer garden wedding is that you can use flowers from the very garden in which you are getting married in order to create your bouquet. This provides many bright and beautiful options while allowing the wedding party to blend in with the natural surroundings. It also helps budget conscious brides save a little extra money when it comes to the cost of the wedding.

Another thing that must be considered when planning a summer garden wedding is the comfort of guests. Plan for areas where guests can cool off and make sure there are plenty of drinks flowing that will keep them from dehydrating. Plenty of bottled water on ice is another good plan for a summer garden wedding. Make sure there is plenty of water to keep the bridal party and the groom and groomsmen well hydrated prior too and after the actual ceremony occurs.

One final bit of advice for a summer garden wedding is to take time to literally sit back and smell the roses and any other flowers that may be present. Part of the beauty of a garden wedding is the myriad of fragrances that are filling the air. Take the time to enjoy the little things such as this that make this day so very special for the happy couple and everyone that shares this special day.